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Top 10 Compliance Service Companies in Europe - 2021


The transforming health economy is generating a fresh wave of challenges to pharmaceuticals and life sciences companies. Not all companies can live up to the expectations of this “patient first” economy in general, as many fail to understand the full scope of the compliance risk landscape. Successful firms are moving away from the traditional, top-down manufacturing and product promotion model toward a flexible, interactive approach that will give patients better tools and information about the drugs they take. All these efforts—on a holistic level—are underpinned by compliance standards.

As an enabling function, compliance at pharma companies covers multiple areas, including human resources, foreign corruption and bribery, patient assistance programs, communications with patients and health care professionals (HCPs), and reporting to regulatory bodies. The pharmaceutical industry is historically known for its adherence to stringent compliance rules to deal with

malpractices across the value chain. Any violation of regulatory methods or non-compliance of standards—from improper branding to masking safety information and disregarding quality manufacturing standards—could tarnish a company’s reputation, risking its future. Reputation problems will have a severe impact on revenue, loss of brand value and regulatory investigation.

In this edition, Pharma Tech Outlook Europe has shortlisted the best-of-breed vendors providing solutions and services in the realm of pharmaceutical compliance, also guiding organizations in this landscape to tackle today’s challenges and increase their revenue potential. With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories, the featured companies are continually proving their mettle. We hope this issue of the Pharma Tech Outlook helps you register growth and create better revenue streams.

We present “Top 10 Compliance Service Providers in Europe – 2021.”

    Top Compliance Service Companies in Europe

  • Offers a full range of quality, pharmacovigilance, regulatory services and electronic solutions for the Life Science industry

  • Azierta


    Azierta is a new concept of organization committed with the Health Sector. It is a scientific department in an outsourcing basis, specialized to give an integral and global scientific support, since scientific advice and strategic consulting, till management of the medical, regulatory and pharmacovigilance affairs, either in interim management or medium to long term basis, oriented to the results and complementing the scientific structure of the customer, without increasing fixed cost

  • Evnia


    Evnia provides the Medical Device, Pharma and Biotech industries with specialised consulting services in the areas of Regulatory Affairs/Compliance, R&D and Management by transforming data and regulations into measurable actions and tailored solutions. Evnia serves the Life-Sciences Industry and promote patient care and quality of life by striving, seeking and finding solutions that support compliance and R&D decisions in investments, innovation and medical/regulatory communications

  • FQS


    FQS’s background and experience in the pharmaceutical industry has helped many companies meet regulatory, compliance, quality assurance and remediation challenges. With more than X years of experience with regulatory agencies, FQS offers leading pharmaceutical expertise to help you navigate through the challenges associated with changing and evolving industry regulations

  • gempex


    gempex GmbH is an independent, international service provider specialising in consultancy and the implementation of GMP requirements in the life sciences industry. Headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, gempex also has sites in Sisseln, Switzerland and Guangzhou, China. The company was founded in 2002 with a team of 15 experts. Today more than 80 employees provide support for the implementation, optimisation and maintenance of quality assurance systems around the world. Customers include leading companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology, cosmetics and medical devices as well as their suppliers. Services focus on consultancy and project implementation for GMP compliance, commissioning & qualification, IT validation and GMP routines

  • Inosolve Group

    Inosolve Group

    Inosolve's team specializes in advising and supporting pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical device companies, as well as pharmacies and hospitals, in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Good Distribution Practice (GDP), and a variety of ISO standards. Inosolve's consultants have a strong instinct for coordination and organization and are systematically assigned according to the needs of the respective customer and project

  • Insuvia


    Insuvia is designed to act as a pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs unit for pharmaceutical companies in those countries and regions, where they have no internal structures or decide to focus their resources on commercial activities. In this context, we provide the regional and country-level expertise to solve all pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs challenges that pharmaceutical companies encounter while commercializing their products

  • JSB Solutions

    JSB Solutions

    JSB Solutions is an alternative proposal to Life Science, CRO Services and Software Solutions

  • PharmaLex


    PharmaLex is a leading provider of specialized services for the pharma, biotech and medtech industries. PharmaLex guides its clients from early strategic planning activities and non-clinical requirements through clinical development, regulatory submission processes and post-approval/maintenance post-launch activities. The company's experts use technology enabled solutions to support through the entire product lifecycle. Additionally, PharmaLex delivers exceptional results - going above and beyond the standard to deliver tailor-made solutions worldwide

  • PVpharm


    PVpharm is a pharmacovigilance service provider based in Spain (EU). The company provides services to Marketing Authorisation Holders, Sponsors and to other pharmacovigilance service providers with the objective of helping the Pharmaceutical industry to comply with Pharmacovigilance regulatory requirements. PVpharm provides global, professional, quick, and flexible solutions to complex, specialized needs. Its specialities include Pharmacovigilance services, EU-QPPV and Local contact person for pharmacovigilance, Pharmacovigilance Audits, EudraVigilance compliance, Pharmacovigilance training, including EVWeb and XEVMPD (eXtended EudraVigilance Medicinal Product Dictionary) training, Signal Detection and Signal Management using EVDAS, IDMP implementation preparation, and data management